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Auto Electrical Referrals

At Goodall's Automotive Services we can supply batteries, starter motors and alternators and refer any other auto electrical repairs you might need.

If you're having auto electrical problems, get in touch today!


Paint and Panel Referrals

In addition to mechanics and auto electricians, we've fostered relationships with skilled panel beaters and smash repair workshops. If you need any dents, scratches or more serious collision repairs, we are happy to refer them for you.

If your car is looking a bit worse for wear, talk to us today!



We stock a wide range of engines including many late models for petrol and diesel engines. We stock engines for passenger vehicles, 4WD vehicles, light commercial vehicles, trucks and much more!

To find out if we have the engine you need, contact us today!



We have a broad selection of panels, bumpers, windscreens and windows for all makes and models of vehicles here at Goodall's Automotive Services.

If you need a panel for a specific vehicle, get in touch today!


Wheels & Tyres

We have a wide range of tyres from all major brands including Bridgestone, Michelin, Continental and Hankook tyres to name a few. We also stock a large selection of rims and hubcaps, and we ensure that all of our wheels and tyres are roadworthy and safe.

If you need new tyres or wheels, contact us today!



We have every brake component you could need here at Goodall's Automotive Services, including but not limited to: rotors, callipers, hoses, master cylinders, ABS sensors, modules and other ABS parts.

If you need any brake components, get in touch today!



We stock a  selection of radiators and cooling system parts including water pumps, intercoolers, coolant hoses and cooling fans.

To find out if we have the radiator for your make and model, talk to us today!


AC Components

We stock most parts for your air conditioning at Goodall's Automotive Services, including condensors, evaporators, receiver driers and the switches and controls for your dash.

To find out if we have the aircon parts you need, get in touch today!


Lights & Auto Electrical Parts

From alternators to brake lights, we stock only the best auto electrical parts, including but not limited to: batteries, starter motors, ECUs, body control modules, switches, cruise control, ignition systems and much more. We also have an enormous range of headlights, brake lights and lighting systems available.

If you need an auto electrical part or light for a specific vehicle, talk to us today!


Gearboxes & Transmissions

Here at Goodall's Automotive Services we have every component of the drivetrain available for all makes and models, including clutches, automatic and manual gearboxes, differentials, CV joints and driveshafts.

If you need a gearbox or another drivetrain part, contact us today!



We have a wide selection of interiors for various makes and models, including dash panels, centre consoles, seats and headrests, seat belts, steering wheels, radios, audio systems, sun visors, window controls, and everything else you see in your cabin.

If you're after dashboards, seats, or anything else, talk to us today!